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News and Updates

Lucani has been revamped - literally! Many months of boredom finally led to the decision that it's time for something new on this site, and what better way than with a little vampiric sin?!

Still interested in wolf-roleplay? Click "Lucani Roleplay" to be sent to the new location! Lucani Roleplay


Lucani is an L3/S3/V3 role play site. This means violence, sex, and harsh language are allowed. Please be advised not to proceed if you are uncomfortable in those situations or under the age of 18. Lucani is an 18+ website ONLY, and anyone caught lying about their age will be PERMANENTLY banned! This is your first and only warning!

Welcome to Lucani!

Lucani began in 2009 as nothing more than a high school girl's (Bella :P) obsession with werewolves, stemming from the much loved, Twilight series. From there, it became an escape from reality for many - something fun to do with your spare time while also promoting creativity and writing skills. Since then it has grown into an "adult friendly" website that offers the chance to be someone new, or multiple someones (if you are into multi-roleplaying...). Our Admins' goal has remained the same since day one; to provide enjoyment and a stress-free environment for our players.

Creating A Character - Something To Know First

There are several Covens on this website that you can choose to be a part of, whether by blood or joining in. If you're interested in starting out as a blood heir to a family line, please speak with the Site Owner AND/OR Site Admin/s.

Lucani News

Hushed has both Alpha and Alphess.

Chaotic has an Alphess.

Silent has an Alphess.

Loud has both Alpha and Alphess.

Faint has sister Alphesses.


If you wish to claim Chaotic Alpha, please discuss the possibility with Demia Lorena (played by Anubis). If you wish to claim Silent Alpha, please discuss the possibility with Valkyrie Leavitt (played by Kshi).

OOC Chat Rules

Please refrain from posting the following in the OOC box:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Personal Information

OOC Chat Box

Tag Box

When tagging, tag the next person to post and where.

Fun With Posting

The following colors are supported by the chatboxes. To use the color, type in this formation:

[color=color name]colored post[/color]

Color names

white, gray, black, cream, sienna, brown, lime, green, chartreuse, blue, turquoise, cyan, gold, yellow, orange, maroon, burgundy, teal, purple, violet, lilac, pink, plum, rose, salmon, orchid, aqua, tomato, khaki, chocolate, indigo, crimson, tan, aquamarine, thistle, fuchsia

Some colors are easier seen than others.

You can also:

Hushed Phantoms

Alphas: Allanon & Lina Roke

Loud Whispers

Alphas: Deimos Sicarius & ?

Silent Shadows

Alphas: Alcide Dawlin & Val Leavitt

Chaotic Echoes

Alphas: Demia Lorena & ?

Faint Specters

Alphas: ? & Ria Yokai


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Deimos (Site Owner)

Contact: PM

♔Syn♔ (Co-Owner)

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Arte (Admin)

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Anubis (Admin)

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