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Lucani is an L3/S3/V3 role play site. This means violence, sex, and harsh language is allowed. Please be advised not to proceed if you are uncomfortable in those situations. Lucani is an 18+ site and those who lie about their age will be banned.

Welcome to Lucani!

Lucani is an online literacy styled roleplay site in which players create werewolves to play. Among the lands of Lucani, you will find the five packs, all of which are uniquely different from each other. The packs live far outside of the Mainland, which most humans inhabit. Wolves who do not want anything to do with packs tend to either live human lives, or they live as loners throughout the lands. Connecting the mainland and most of the packs is the basic territories or lands. Their uses go from hunting to fighting and everything in between!

Lucani News

Hushed has both Alpha and Alphess.

Chaotic has an Alphess.

Silent has an Alphess.

Loud has both Alpha and Alphess.

Faint has sister Alphesses.


If you wish to claim Chaotic Alpha, please discuss the possibility with Demia Lorena (played by Anubis). If you wish to claim Silent Alpha, please discuss the possibility with Valkyrie Leavitt (played by Kshi).

OOC Chat Rules

Please refrain from posting the following in the OOC box:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Personal Information

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Fun With Posting

The following colors are supported by the chatboxes. To use the color, type in this formation:

[color=color name]colored post[/color]

Color names

white, gray, black, cream, sienna, brown, lime, green, chartreuse, blue, turquoise, cyan, gold, yellow, orange, maroon, burgundy, teal, purple, violet, lilac, pink, plum, rose, salmon, orchid, aqua, tomato, khaki, chocolate, indigo, crimson, tan, aquamarine, thistle, fuchsia

Some colors are easier seen than others.

You can also:

Hushed Phantoms

Alphas: Allanon & Lina Roke

Loud Whispers

Alphas: Deimos Sicarius & ?

Silent Shadows

Alphas: Alcide Dawlin & Val Leavitt

Chaotic Echoes

Alphas: Demia Lorena & ?

Faint Specters

Alphas: ? & Ria Yokai


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